Friday, September 12, 2008

Letters to a Signal Caller: #74511 - Alex Smith

Dear Alex,

I never believed in you. I definitely preferred Aaron Rodgers over you coming out of college. However, when it was inevitable that you would be the one that the 49ers front office slated as the next franchise quarterback, I had to rally behind you because of my fan allegiance to the team. As I'm sure you know, being the quarterback of the 49ers comes with a storied tradition. Joe Montana and Steve Young are Hall of Fame passers, and by golly, Jeff Garcia went to the Pro Bowl; so you did have a lot to follow. Granted, the team hasn't had quality talent around you to allow your progression to be smooth; but you haven't exactly shown bright flashes of promise in your two-plus years as the starter.

At the beginning of this season, you lost that privilege to J.T. O'Sullivan; who, while may also be a sixth round pick, isn't exactly Tom Brady. But, then again, you aren't exactly Drew Bledsoe, either. In fact, you're more Tim Couch and Ryan Leaf than Drew Bledsoe (end brief rant). Now with your latest injury, it's evident that your days by the Bay are numbered. But so you don't leave thinking that the organization is cutting you for a few reasons, let me tell you exactly why you won't be on the 49ers anymore:

*You suck.

It's not because Mike Nolan didn't want to give you a chance, or that the offensive scheme doesn't fit your strengths as a quarterback.

It's because you suck.

You're not good. You suck.

You see? I have evidence of your futility, so there's no hard feelings, Alex. Just make sure you warn Tim Tebow of the dangers of being a product of Urban Meyer's offense. Maybe the Ravens will pick you up so I won't have to mail you this letter; and I can deliver it to you personally...but you'll probably fumble that, too.


*If you're confused, go here for a reference

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