Sunday, August 10, 2008

Things To Do So You Don't Catch [Jets QB #4] Fever

We're coming to the end of Anti-[Jets QB #4] Week; but I'm getting the sense that this will be a season-long sackriding. Maybe the "s" in ESPN should be changed to "Sackriding;" but that may require the permission of Kyle Sackrider first (yes, he is a real person). With that said, I've decided to extend this to Anti-[Jets QB #4] Season. [Jets QB #4] Fever is spreading all over the media. But fear not; because I, through my extensive scientific research, have developed a list of antidotes to help you through this annoying season. Some of these things will be ridiculous, but hey! At least you won't be focused on [Jets QB #4]. To the list:

That's just some of the activities in which you can engage to avoid catching [Jets QB #4] Fever. If all else fails, you could just become a fan of the Knicks. But speaking from experience, I wouldn't recommend it.


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