Saturday, November 8, 2008

Anything is Possible...?

I know the Celtics won their title in June, and that a new season has already begun, but I need to address a beef I have with a certain Kevin Garnett and his choice of words. By now, you've seen his screams of joy after Boston clinched the championship. I would like to focus on the three most popular words of his time in front of the mic: "Anything is possible!" More after the random picture...

Look, I like Kevin Garnett. He's someone that I'd one day like to meet, although apparently, he's not as great a guy as everyone thinks he is. I understand and appreciate the pure excitement that comes with winning, especially for someone like Garnett, who was mired in mediocrity in Minnesota for a dozen years. I even understand that he's more than a little, uh, emotional person on and off the court; and it rubs off on his teammates. He definitely leaves it all out on the floor each and every night. However, KG's infamous saying is so wrong for when he said it.

You see, in order for anything to be possible, one would have to conquer a seemingly unconquerable series of circumstances that were previously viewed as, dare I say, impossible. Allow me to map out the Celtics' series of circumstances. Last off-season, Boston traded the #5 pick and some other stuff to Oklahoma City Seattle for Ray Allen. Then, Timberwolves GM Kevin McHale gives Boston KG for Al Jefferson who, while very good, is no KG. And if you believe the so-called "experts," Boston's signing of James Posey was vital to their success (I beg to differ). Sixty-six wins and a Garnett Defensive P.O.Y. later, and the Celtics were the overwhelming favorites in the East, if not the Association. The rest, as they say, is history. To me, that doesn't sound like the most treacherous of journeys to the top.

KG's words did inspire me though. I began thinking of situations in which, when triumphant, one can say scream, "anything is possible!" Here are a few (with evidence):

So yes, KG, anything is possible. Especially when you're superior to everyone else and expected to be so. Gimme a break.


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