Monday, October 20, 2008

James Posey is Not A Basketball Savior

James Posey is going into his tenth season in the NBA, which is remarkable considering that he has been, at best, a starting role player and mostly a bench player throughout his career.   He has won two rings: one with Miami two years ago, and this past one with Boston.  This past offseason, he signed a four-year, $25 million deal with the Hornets; essentially to solidify their bench.  Good move by him and the Hornets.  Posey is a willing defender and, apparently,"the new Robert Horry."  

Timeout.  Am I missing something?  Granted, Posey did hit some timely shots in last year's Finals; but does that make him this invaluable piece without whom the Celtics wouldn't be champions?  Are bench players the basketball version of drafting a kick returner to add explosiveness to special teams?  I'm not diminishing what Posey did for the Celtics.  I just won't overhype it like a lot of media outlets seem to be doing.

Some have gone as far as to say that Posey was the reason that the Celtics won the title.  Apparently, adding Ray Allen and Defensive Player of the Year (and borderline madman) Kevin Garnett was secondary to the monumenetal signing of James Posey.  I guess Paul Pierce's new dedication to both ends of the floor didn't mean as much as Posey's contributions from the bench.

The reason why Posey isn't deserving of the comparisons to Horry is because Horry hit game-winning shots; while Posey just hit shots during vital minutes of the game.  Posey just stepped up when he received the ball.  Not saying he wasn't important; but anyone could have knocked down those shots and take Posey's place in bench player immortality.

 James Posey seized an opportunity to make a name—and large contract—for himself.  What he did proved important for the Celtics' run to a 16th title, but he wasn't the main cause like some would have you believe.  In the end, he's still a dispensable bench player; and Boston treated him as such.  Enter Bill Walker.


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