Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Introductory Post

This is the spot for my new, professional-looking sports blog, "Fundamentally UnSound." You may or may not know that I have another blog with my good friend, questionmark, called, "UBN Sports." I figured if I was going to tell those with ties to the journalism profession that I'm aspiring to enter their realm, I couldn't show them a blog with a racial slur in the title. I also post my thoughts on Facebook, but I don't think editors are searching that site for new talent. I've linked my older posts from there in this sentence fragment, so I can move forward with the sports world.

I'm looking to combine KissingSuzyKolber's and Deadspin's humor, with FreeDarko's writing eloquence and non-sequitur photos. I won't focus too much on the analytical side of sports (i.e. matchups, x's & o's, etc.), as much as the underlying theories and conclusions that can be drawn when one reads between the headlines.

This will be mainly about basketball, football, and baseball; however, if there's a women's field hockey story that needs an opinion, then I'm on it. Some posts will be funny, others will be serious; but they all will force you to think about things that various sports shows tend to overlook for sake of political correctness. Hopefully, I can stay motivated enough to continuously bring you readers quality material. So, spread the word that there's a new blog out there, and please leave feedback on the quality; as well as comments on the topic of each post. I'm not looking for followers, I'm looking for fellow sports fanatics to debate and analyze along with me.



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Anonymous said...

FIRST!... what does that mean anyway. Good job on the blogspot, I'll reply to as many as I can without being a pest. GREAT Title too, looking forward to great blogs from Fundamentally UnSound in the future.